Diners scattered Wednesday evening at the Village Inn and Tavern in Belgrade when a pontoon boat landed halfway on the lawn of the restaurant. Wardens say it's remarkable no one was seriously hurt when the owner accidentally left the boat in reverse as he was tying it at the dock. Someone on the boat accidentally pushed the throttle forward, launching it toward the eatery.

State Police are looking for the people responsible for throwing rocks off the same I-95 overpass in Sidney, striking two vehicles. In one case, the impact shattered the windshield of a pickup, covering the occupants, including an 8-week-old infant, in broken glass. Anyone with information about the culprits is asked to call State Police.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has recommended that President Trump retain federal ownership of the 27 monuments that were under review, including Maine's Katahdin Woods and Waters. The Maine Woods Coalition says they hope the President will overrule the recommendation because they feel federal regulations could hurt the state's multibillion dollar forest products industry.

Folks can get free admission to Acadia National park today as the National park Service celebrates its one hundred and first birthday, and they're encouraged to share their favorite park stories on social media. Acadia National park officials are also urging seniors to get their lifetime passes as soon as possible. On Monday, the cost of a senior lifetime pass will go up from ten dollars to 80 dollars.

The American Folk Festival, that kicks off tonight, is a family event. But this year, it's even more kid-friendly than before. The children's village has been moved to the lawn surrounding the harbor master because it has more shade, and the Maine multi-cultural center will be included there, along with representatives from Penquis and the Bangor Chinese school. The festival kicks off tonight at 7 with a parade, led by the University of Maine's Pride of Maine marching band.

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