I feel like winter just ended. Yet, here we are potentially looking at our first snowfall of the year. Now, obviously, if it even reaches the ground, it will not amount to much. The ground isn't frozen yet, and temps haven't really hit a consistent low. But the fact that the word snow may be on anyone's lips at all is almost unbearable.

It's funny, because I was just doing the math in my head the other day, and realistically, we only get from May through the end of October with no snow on the ground. And that's not even a solid guarantee in October. But as of right now, the National Weather Service, is predicting a 40% chance of snow on Thursday night into Friday.

Sure, that doesn't mean we're definitely going to get it, but now I figure I have to do all those late fall things I've been putting off. Like getting the snow tires put on, switching the wiper fluid to the orange stuff instead of the blue stuff, maybe update my roadside emergency kit. And the list goes on....

But winter should give us just a little bit longer to enjoy the crispness of fall. There's plenty of time to make snow and ice happen, and all that. But, please don't take my fall just yet.... Please?

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