A moose coming close to the city is not as rare as it once was, but a moose was spotted in Bangor City Forest last week.

Personally, I’m still surprised that they would be so close to so much population.

And all the moose is thinking is, "Hey put your eyes back in your head, I’m just having my lunch."

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Time for those people more than a couple of minutes away from Bangor to shake their heads and say "city slicker."

But a moose. So close. This isn’t the county. Or really out in the country.

The Bangor City Forest is actually over 600 acres so yes that’s a lot of land without many people and no cars or houses or stores for miles.

What other animals might like to hang out at Rolland F. Perry City Forest?

By the way, Rolland F. Perry was Bangor City Forester from 1964 to 2006, so take care of something so long and they might name the place after you too.

The first animal I thought of in Bangor City Forest after the moose sighting last week, since we’re so close to Orono, was a black bear.

Male Black Bears can be 6 feet tall or is that long, and hundreds of pounds, so pretty easy to spot. And, yes, bears have been known to wander around Bangor City Forest.

This is only a beginning of a list of the animals one can see so close to shopping plazas and malls and factories and houses and apartments.

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