Science has just provided new hope for the bald, but it may not be what you think.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania showed students photos of similar-looking, similar-aged men—some with hair and others with shaved heads. They also showed photos of men with hair and then the same man with his hair digitally removed. In both cases, the bald guys were perceived to be more manly and more dominant. Furthermore, the study's participants guessed that the head shavers were an inch taller and 13 percent stronger than their haired counterparts.

“I was surprised that perceptions of dominance and masculinity extended to concrete, physical characteristics such as height and strength,” explained Albert Mannes, the lecturer who lead the study. He believes it's the bold act of shaving one's head which fuels this perception of dominance.

There are, however, some downsides to a fully exposed dome. The study found men with hair are considered younger and better-looking than men without. But since men with thinning hair were rated even less attractive than those who had given up the ghost, it would probably behoove men who are losing their hair to just finish the job themselves.