It was a confusing scene when police learned of a shooting at a Baileyville motel, and found a bullet hole in the floor, but no victim.

A Baileyville Man Is Facing Multiple Charges

Nathan Fletcher, 35, of Baileyville is charged with criminal threatening with a weapon, aggravated reckless conduct, and violating conditions of release.

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Police Set Up a Perimeter and a Standoff Lasted for Several Hours

The charges stem from an incident at the Downeast Motel in Baileyville that was called in just after 9:30 Wednesday morning. Initially, police believed there were two suspects and that someone had been shot. Officers got to the motel quickly and found a bullet hole in the floor, but there was no victim on the scene.

Believing the people involved were in the room next door, officials set up a perimeter and called for backup. Several agencies responded and a standoff ensued for several hours. WABI-TV reports that while a tactical team was trying unsuccessfully to contact someone in the room, a person of interest was located in Calais, as well as what's believed to be the weapon used in the incident. Fletcher was found sometime later on South Princeton Road in Baileyville.

There Was No One in the Motel Room

Eventually, police realized the 911 call wasn't placed until about 45 minutes after the shot was fired and that there was no one in the room they had surrounded. Fletcher was eventually arrested and was taken to the Washington County Jail, where he's being held with no bail allowed.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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