A woman from Augusta, Jessica Garsed, became the latest Jeopardy champion last night. She went the distance, and in final Jeopardy, beat out the other contestants with a total of $12,000. She'll go at it again tonight to defend her new title, according to WMTW - TV8.

It's interesting though. I had a friend who won Chopped a while back. And he filmed his episode months before it actually aired. So he had to keep that big giant secret all to himself until they finally put it on TV.

I imagine this woman is going through the same thing. Maybe she lost immediately, maybe she's racked up a million bucks and has to keep it to herself. I couldn't imagine. Mostly because I'm terrible at keeping a secret, and would want to scream from the highest mountain top that I did something that cool.

Either way though, who cares? Jessica Garsed was on Jeopardy and won. That by itself deserves huge kudos all around. I have enough trouble telling people my own name, let alone going on national television and being smart. Lord knows you guys have a pretty good idea of what an idiot I can make out of myself on the radio. Never mind TV.

So regardless of how she does on these next episodes coming up, she won on Jeopardy. Jessica Garsed is a champion already a champion in my book.

Check out some of the action here:

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