The Augusta Police Department has responded to complaints of a sex offender taking pictures of younger girls and posting them on social media.

The pictures were taken in public places, like retail stores, of younger girls who were often with their parents.The subjects of the photos were dressed and were photographed without their knowledge and consent. Some of those pictures have been posted to social media, without the consent of their parents.

In a post on the department's Facebook page, officials explain that they've looked into each complaint and, so far, have found no violation of the law. It's not illegal to take pictures of people, places, and things in a public place by a registered sex offender. It would only be a violation of the law if the sex offender is on probation and has restrictions prohibiting the behavior. The person named in the complaint is not on probation.

Augusta Police encourage people to continue to file complaints, if they feel they see illegal or inappropriate action by sex offenders, and say they will look into each and every circumstance. They say this is proof that the registry works because the community is aware of the individuals and their actions.


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