We can put away all the hot and humid cliché statements.  ‘Hotter than July’ is behind us.  Anyone sad to see it go?

Hottest July on Record.

Which followed the hottest June on record. Earth says ‘Hot enough for ya?’

The overnight low each day in July was in the mid 60s, thanks to the summer El Nino.

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But hold on to your water bottle, relief is on the way. At least short term.

August is coming in just like we love our summers in Maine. Perfect. Sunny and 75.  Someone should make a song about that. Shout out to Joe Nichols.

Back to the humidex for July where we in Maine broke the normal temperatures almost every single day of the month.

Other parts of the country are continuing with their ‘Summer from Hell’, but the 10 day forecast shows that humidity will return on Saturday, but it won’t be that constant record-breaking humidity day after day.

We are fortunate to get 4 distinct seasons in Maine, and get to do outside activity based upon the season we are in.

Senior man with towel suffering from heat stroke outdoors, low angle view
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But it’s been pretty tough with the sweltering heat to get our outside activity ratcheted up to the level we usually enjoy in summer.

Think of those having outside work in those temperatures we just came through. Sigh of relief that it is over, and we can get back to a normal, beautiful Maine summer.

Carry on.

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Photo via Getty Images

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