While it might seem like we’re waving goodbye to some sweltering days, history insists we keep our beach towels and sunblock at the ready. You see, Bangor has a knack for keeping us guessing when it comes to the weather. The temps have a habit of stubbornly rising even as September peeks around the corner. Don't pack away the tank tops just yet, folks – the threat of that 90-degree threshold isn't done with us.

As recently as 2010, people in Bangor were enduring a sweltering six-day marathon of high temperatures that were so intense, you could practically cook an egg on the pavement. This scorching stretch lasted from August 29th to September 3rd, with temperatures consistently exceeding 90 degrees.

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But let's dive further back. To one-up 2010, August 24th to August 30th in 1948 witnessed a seven-day symphony of heat that'd make even the most daring ice cream cone quiver in fear.

Oh, and who could forget the summer of 1937? A record-breaking stretch of blistering temperatures lasted for a remarkable 8 days, starting from August 28th and continuing through September 4th. Clearly, the universe was reminding us that August was no time for a sweater.


And here's the kicker: all these toasty streaks unfolded during the tail-end of August and the dawn of September. It's as if Bangor's weather has a taste for grand finales, preferring a burning curtain call over a gentle bow.

Now, the million-degree question: are we destined for another historical heatwave in the upcoming days? Let's not get carried away. It's like that Gabby Barret song, Footprints on the Moon: "Everybody says that you can't 'til you do." While breaking records might not be in the forecast, we've learned that weather has a penchant for surprise encores.


Just last year, on August 20th, Bangor experienced a high of 89 degrees. In 2021, there were three days that surpassed the 90-degree mark, and interestingly, they all made their entrance fashionably late, occurring after August 10th.

Attempting to predict the unpredictable behaviors of the weather is as reliable as guessing the winner of the local neighborhood Halloween lawn decoration competition. Even experts in the field, such as Todd Simcox and Ryan Munn, can’t check their crystal balls and definitively determine when (or if) we will encounter another heatwave this far out.

I haven't watched Dumb and Dumber, but I believe it's the movie with the quote "So you're telling me there's a chance?" And honestly, that's enough to keep my flip-flops handy and fans on standby.

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