Apparently, ice disks are the new thing in Maine. Well, especially after last year. The Westbrook ice disk, pictured above, pretty much captured the attention of the entire country. Then some "artist" came and tried to ruin it, and god knows what else. It was all anyone could talk about for a few weeks.

Then there was one in Lewiston, and another one up in the county.... But this year, Arrostook County is the first to report an ice disk. And it's a decent sized one according to News Center Maine.

The disks form when a chunk of ice breaks off, and gets caught in a circular current. Instead of floating away, it turns in one spot and grinds against the surrounding ice, and the edges smooth out and it becomes basically round. There's no magic, or weird unheard of phenomenon happening. It's just ice being icy.

But, just because it's not magical, doesn't mean it's not pretty cool. I haven't gone to see any of them right up close in person. And I'm sure if we wait long enough, one will appear in the Bangor area at some point. For that matter though, I'd rather drive up and see the one in Haynesville, than anywhere down south.

On the other hand, it's ice. Do I really need to drive hours to go look at ice? I'm pretty sure I can see all I want to right here on the old internet, where it's warm and dry. Maybe that defeats the spirit of the winter-y season, but I'm a bit of a grinch in the cold. Oh well. But hey, if you wanna go see an ice disk, head north bub!

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