Ok, to be fair, in this video, a couple of the commercials in here aren't for local businesses, but they were all posted by Tom Reed on YouTube, and the You Know You Grew Up In Bangor... Facebook page. Tom says in the post that he made all these commercials while he worked for WABI-TV5 back in the day. These ones are specifically from 1977-1982.

When the Benjamin's commercial hit, I found that quite relevant to the moment, as they are about to re-open once again, under new ownership. The thing that always jumps out me right away in these things, is people's hair. It's always a dead giveaway. And the food, though it was likely awesome back in the day, looked like how I remember eating at Bonanza.

And then came the YMCA commercial. Oh, man. Where do I begin? First off, as soon as the jingle hit, I was immediately transported back to like, 7 years old. I felt like I could almost start singing along, but I didn't want to embarrass myself anymore than usual around the office. And the dude on the treadmill with no shirt on, that looked like he was wearing jeans?! Priceless!

It was a different time, obviously, and I'm not knocking the work that went into them. Not at all. What makes me chuckle, is just the memories of it all. Anytime you can watch something that is so familiar, but you haven't thought about in almost 40 years, it's just crazy. And besides, maybe one of these people is you!