Question: What do you get when you combine the likes of JFK, the Apollo space missions, and sunshine?

Answer: First period history class summer school?

Well, yes. But I'll spare you any further high school time travel trauma.

Instead, I recently discovered these three things have a lot in common. The real answer - an incredible new sunglasses line at Mainely Eyes, inside Bangor Mall! With Summer right around the corner - now is the perfect time to discover American Optical Sunwear at Mainely Eyes!

Now these puppies are the real deal when it comes to quality suns, and they come fully loaded with history too. We all remember images of JFK through the years, and in many photos he was sporting his iconic sunglasses -- made by American Optical! Even the astronauts from the first Apollo space mission and aviators alike were seen sporting sunglasses crafted by AO. These U.S. made sunglasses are the perfect example of American ingenuity, and if you're looking for a special pair of sunglasses, you've got to check these out at Mainely Eyes before summer arrives!

Speaking of summer -- I find myself grabbing for my sunglasses a bit more often these beautiful sunny days. And when I saw all of the incredible options from AO that Mainely Eyes carries....well I grabbed my gal Sara and took a few pairs for a test drive! What better way to test these AO suns then by packing up the WolfeWagon and hitting the beach!


My friends at Mainely Eyes hooked us up with the perfect pair of AO suns that fit great, and might I say - had us looking VERY beach worthy!


I gotta say - of all the sunglasses I've ever tried on - there is nothing like these sunglasses by American Optical! Head to Mainely Eyes and try on all of the AO sunwear options they carry right in store! After our beach day dry run, we are ready for those sunny, summer days!

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