If it seems like a lot of Mainers have been on Wheel of Fortune lately, that's no accident. you may remember back in May, they had Wheel of Fortune auditions up in Orono. Many folks tried out for the show that day, and since Thanksgiving, several Mainers have been contestants on the popular game show.

Last night, Bangor resident, Jovan Eary, won big on Wheel, bringing home over $30,000 in cash and prizes. While she didn't get the final puzzle, she did have the most winnings and came in first place, which isn't too shabby at all. But unlike Jeopardy and shows similar, she doesn't continue on. It's a one and done scene on Wheel.

But big congratulations to Jovan for winning big, and helping the rest of the world see what a bunch of smarty pantses Bangor folks are! If you feel like watching the whole episode, I have it posted here so you can check it out.

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