Merriam-Webster dictionary has announced their word for 2018. And it is 'Justice'. So far, the three dictionary words of the year...from Oxford Dictionary 'toxic'. Dictionary dot com's word was 'misinformation'. And now Merriam-Webster's is 'justice'. They say that every week of the year, 'Justice' was in the Top 30 words looked up on-line. Other words that spiked in look ups in 2018 were 'maverick' when John McCain died. 'Respect' when Aretha Franklin died, and 'Nationalism' when President Trump claimed he was one.

It's curious to me that so many people had to look up the word 'justice'.  Really? It's not that complex of a word. And if you had to look up the word 'respect, at least Aretha spelled it for you. Anyway, 'justice' for all!  Word nerds!

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