The U.S. Pizza Museum has officially opened.  And not without controversy.  It's in Chicago.  And the Mayor's office in New York City released a statement saying "New Yorkers may not agree on where to get the best local slice, but we do know that deep dish pizza is not pizza. Case closed"

I kind of understand that. How do you determine what city gets a Hall of Fame or a Museum. Just because that city decides? So if The Seafood Museum opened in Coffeyville, Kansas, would that be ok? No. Just let them open the Lobster Museum in New Hampshire. No way!

Isn't it amazing that if you want to get someone going, mention pizza. Some go into fighting mode if you mention a local pizza place and it's not their favorite.  If you say Jason's and they say Pat's, look out.  Or you say Angelo's and they say Uno's. "Can't we all just get along" Ok, I have to wrap this up.  I need to go and get a slice!

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