Can you believe that the Color Bangor Fun Run is coming up this Saturday? I'll be working one of the color stations, so don't be surprised when I pelt you with tinted cornstarch!

Color Bangor, in case you haven't heard, is a 5K fun run, walk, or jog around the Bangor Waterfront. You start out the route in a white t-shirt but, as you travel the route, several 'color stations' will be set up where volunteers will throw brightly colored powder at you, turning your shirt into a veritable rainbow!

Organizers want to stress that this is not a competition. It's a fun event, so whether you want to run it, jog it, or meander, you're welcome to sign up! Proceeds from the day will benefit this summer's American Folk Festival. The route was announced this week.

"We wanted to integrate the entirety of the American Folk Festival site into the route for Color Bangor," said American Folk Festival Executive Director, Heather McCarthy.  "Based on early registration numbers we are expecting a very large turnout.  A large amount of people, a lot of color and a nice spring day will create a whole lot of fun that we think people will not want to miss.”

The route continues from Railroad St. to Cedar St. and winds around the James F. Doughty School on Fifth Street, down Carroll St. to Third St. and on to Dutton Street, which brings participants back to the American Folk Festival site at the Bangor Waterfront Park where the fun run concludes.  Color zones will be located at each kilometer mark throughout the route, and a final color zone will be at the finish line in Color Village.  All "colors" are non-toxic colored corn starch, FDA approved and perfectly healthy to use in this manner.

You can preregister for the race online at the American Folk Festival's website or sign up the day of the race. I'll be there, throwing colors. But I'm also told that I'm going to be lined up with others for some sort of 'celebrity throw,' where we will be hit with colors, much like a dunk tank. Cool! See you there!


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