State Police, game wardens and Waterville police searched a wooded area in the central Maine town of Oakland for missing toddler Ayla Reynolds. At a press conference this afternoon, Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland said there was no sign of the missing girl.

More than 30 personnel gathered Wednesday morning and began searching an area off the Hussey Hill Road, according to a news release. Police say the area being searched today is a combination of woods, clear-cut and a small pond. The search includes four police canine teams and State Police divers.

McCausland said it's an area that had been searched before.

"This was an area searched that had had some very preliminary searches along the way, but as investigators looked at the case file, they zeroed in on this property and felt it needed a thorough search," McCausland told us. "They thoroughly searched but found no sign of little Ayla."

Ayla Reynolds, who is presumed dead, was reported missing in December of 2011 by her father, Justin DiPietro. Reynolds was staying at her father’s Waterville home when he claims she disappeared from her bed overnight.

The toddler's mother, Trista Reynolds, held a press conference last month, disclosing all the evidence given to her by investigators. She said she hoped to put pressure on police to bring and end to the investigation and charge the person(s) responsible. We asked McCausland if her press conference had anything to do with today's search. He replied,"No. None."

McCausland said there are no further searches immediately planned but this will not be the last, as they continue to investigate Ayla's disappearance. This was the 20th search that the Warden search has coordinated in connection with this case, McCausland said, and it won't be the last.