There's one reason (out of hundreds) why my wife thinks I'm a weirdo. From beginning to end, I know every single word to the song from the commercial for the Bangor State Fair. When I was a kid, we literally waited all summer for the fair to get here. I mean, c' was Bangor in the 80's. We weren't surfing the internet, or being over-exposed to too much social media. We were just kids, doing kid things.

So when the middle of July rolled around, somewhere in the background, I'd hear the first lines of the commercial...."Are you looking for excitement, are you looking for a good time....." and I would go into full tilt 10-year-old-flipout-mode. I'd start saving my quarters, taking bottles back, doing extra chores, raiding my mom's purse... whatever I had to do to make sure I had as much money as possible to go to the fair as many times as I could. The Bangor State Fair is July 27th- August 5th this year, by the way....

I remember thinking how awesome it would be when I became an adult, so that I could go to the fair as many times as I wanted. Sort of like how you swear when you're a kid, that you'll eat nothing but candy, cake, and ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As an adult, I feel like I've failed my inner child a bit, as I don't eat junk food 24/7. But I did take a moment this year to look when the Bangor State Fair would be, and wouldn't you know it, I found a website with every date for every fair in Maine this summer!

All you have to do is visit, and you can find a nearly infinite amount of info that you could possible want to know about each fair and festival around the state. Wanna know when the Common Ground Fair is? No problem! Fryeberg Fair? No problem! It's all there!

If you're feeling saucy, and have a lot of time off this summer, you could literally go on tour. There's over 25 different fairs and festivals happening around Maine this summer, starting with the Houlton Fair at the end of June, through to the Fryeberg Fair running through the end of the first week of October.

So hopefully, you can enjoy one of these treasure troves of family memory making. Maybe Dad throws up on rides. Maybe Mom can't leave the fairgrounds without at least two pieces of fried dough under her belt. Whatever your jam is, I guarantee that you and the kids, or whoever, will make some awesome memories at the fair.

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