Recovery Time. It is why hockey teams roll 3 or 4 lines.  Why in basketball there are more people on the bench than on the floor.  Recovery Time.  Amazing what 5 or 10 minutes of rest after heavy exertion does for the body. Or in my case 2 hours. Or 2 days.  I spent the first part of the weekend doing heavy duty yard work, that I have been neglecting. And the last part of the weekend recovering.

Interesting how age creeps up on us and what use to be as simple as the snap of our fingers takes more effort then it used to. At what age does this kick in? Well, I guess it happens sooner then we think. But it really happens well into adulthood. I remember telling my Grandfather, who was a wonderful joker with me every time I saw him, that he was old.  And he told me that someone old was someone 10 years older then you are, no matter how old you are. Someone 70 thinks someone 80 is old.  Someone 30 thinks someone 40 is old.

Of course, there is a survey about the age that Americans think old is old.  And the age is 57. Survey says at that age our general health will start to decline, we’ll get wrinkles and gain weight, and the hair we don’t lose will turn gray. Oh and we’ll get age spots.  Something to look forward to. And if you’re already 57, remember you’re not old until you’re 67.



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