A transgender woman convicted of the brutal murders of her parents in 2016 has been moved to Maine's women's prison.

Who is the Inmate?

Andrea Balcer, or Andrew as she was known at the time of her arrest, was 17 years old on Halloween when she called the police to say that she had killed her parents. By the time she received her sentence of 40 years in prison in 2018, it was revealed that she is transgender and had changed her name to Andrea.

What are the Details of Her Crime?

Police say Balcer said her motive was that her parents didn't understand or support her sexuality. She first killed her mother, Alice Balcer, by stabbing her nine times in the back with a hunting knife. When Antonio Balcer heard his wife screaming, he ran to her aid and was also fatally stabbed. The family dog was also stabbed but Andrea's brother was allowed to leave unharmed. He would later tell police that his parents didn't deserve to be killed and would have supported his brother's choices.

Which Facility Now Houses Balcer?

Andrea's gender was changed to female on the prison inmate record, according to the Maine Department of Corrections Inmate Search. In addition, WGME-TV reports she has been moved from the Maine State Prison to the Maine Correctional Institute, which houses both male and female inmates. Balcer was moved in late November after a four-year gender reassignment process. The Maine Department of Corrections has a policy that allows them to house inmates according to the gender with which they identify.

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