Kids and their parents are invited to a fun event at the Bangor Public Library, that will include a sleepover in the stacks.

I remember a few times, as a student at the University of Maine, when I woke up in the library. Head on my books, drool coming from the side of my wasn't a pretty picture. And it wasn't any fun.

But this party at the Bangor Public Library is going to be a lot of fun, with plenty of games and activities for everyone. The library is partnering with the Maine Discovery Museum, so there will be animals, miniature golf, karaoke, coloring, and lots more. And, maybe the best part, no one will shush you, like they do during the day.

There are two levels of tickets for the event that's being held Friday, November 22nd.  Kids between the ages of 5 and 11 are invited to sleep over, accompanied by an adult, and that ticket includes dinner and breakfast. Everyone else (including kids in that age group, if they prefer not to stay) are also invited, but they'll be buying an 'almost sleepover' ticket, which includes all the fun and games, but they'll be heading home to their own beds for the night.

All the money raised will benefit the Bangor Public Library's children's programs. Get your sleepover and 'almost' sleepover tickets now, and find more information on the Bangor Public Library's Facebook page.

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