The Town of Milo has issued a boil water order after a water main break.

Why Do We Have to Boil Our Water?

In a post on the town's Facebook page, officials have issued a boil water order for the entire community. We spoke with Karen Durant with the Milo Water District who told us the break occurred in a water main on West Main Street. There's some construction going on in the area that caused the break.

Durant said the boil water order includes the whole town because water pressure was lost in some areas and so, as a precaution, they're asking everyone to follow the boil water directives.

Do I Have to Boil Water for Everything?

Under a boil water order, consumers are advised to boil water for at least one minute, at a rolling boil, before using it. This includes water intended for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, making ice cubes, brushing your teeth, or any other activity that would include the consumption of water.

When Will the Order Be Lifted?

The order will remain in effect until the main is fixed and water pressure is fully restored. Updates will be posted on the Town of Milo's Facebook page.

We'll update this story as the situation progresses. 

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