This restaurant has been around on and off since the 70's and now it's back in a familiar location!


Do you remember the Time-Out? Well it's back with a pizza buffet and more! It has re-opened in it's most recent previous location on Chlisham Rd. This is the old location of the 'Show Ring' behind the KFC on Wilson St.

According to a post in "You knew you grew up in Brewer Maine when" Facebook page on Wednesday the restaurant had locations on South Main St. and in Bangor on Central St in the 70's, then the old 'Howdy's' which is where Blaze is opening a Pizza place currently, and then moved to the Old Bangor High Building on Harlow St.

Today the Timeout Pizza Restaurant offers things like pizza, salad, deserts, and soup. Their hours are currently 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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