There will be bean pots in the ground and coffee pots on the open fire tonight as the First Congregational Church once again hosts the annual River Driver's Supper in Lincoln.

Last year was my first time at the River Driver's Supper and I was so impressed by the whole operation. Of course, the food was amazing, so that made it worth the trip to Lincoln all by itself! But the experience is also fascinating, watching how all that delicious food is prepared. My parents took my brothers and me to bean hole bean suppers as kids, and it was so cool to watch the process as an adult, when I was better able to grasp the complexities of it.

If you've never been to one before, here's how it works. Pits are dug for the bean pots and a fire is built in the bottom. Once the coals are good and hot, the bean pots are lowered into the hole and covered, so they can cook. Watching the crews lift those steaming hot pots out of the ground is a sight to behold. And when they're opened up, the aroma will make your mouth water!

Also on the menu tonight are reflector oven biscuits, made the way they were back in those old lumber camps, and coffee brewed in the traditional old coffee pots on an open fire. There will be coleslaw, hot dogs, chips, punch, water, and dessert to round out the meal. I know you're hungry now!

The 70th Annual River Driver's Supper will be held from 4 to 6 this afternoon at Ludden Field in Lincoln. The Men's Club and Pilgrim Daughters from the church will be working hard over hot fires tonight to serve it up, so they hope you'll stop by for a bite!

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