We are bound to have some days when enjoying the indoors is not an option during a Maine summer. So here are some fun ideas to occupy your time.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

These are crafts for all ages and range in difficulty, but all of them are pretty simple. With the kids on vacation you can keep them entertained with these crafts that will not only be fun, but will also show of your love for Vacationland!

Lighthouses are a common symbol of the state and now you can make your own. Using a red solo cup, a tealight, and some white and black paper is all it takes to make your own table top lighthouse with a working light! Find the tutorial here.

You can still play in the sand and look at the water with this idea! Using a glass container, sand, rocks, seaglass, and a photo of the beach you can create this beach terraium. See photos here.

You may want to decorate your home with buoys but don't want to have something so heavy, or you want to use specific colors. Now you can make soft light buoys in any color you want. See how to make them here.

You can make a lot with string, one of those things is Maine! Maine has one of the most reconisible shapes of all the states, so doing any craft with the shape of the state end up looking awesome! Using wood, nails, and string you can create the cool wall art seen here.

After collecting some driftwood, looking at it can be kind of like looking for shapes in the clouds. You will see them! Once you see the shapes add more driftwood to make your masterpiece. Here is an example of a driftwood lobster!

One thing Maine has no shortage of is rocks. This is a simple one for all ages and skill levels as it's just that, paint rocks! This is a productive project too as you can hide your painted rocks around Bangor for others to find. Check out this lighthouse rock and this Facebook group called Bangor Rocks.


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