When you tell someone you actually enjoy snow they tend to look at you like you are insane, but in this state, there are a lot of reasons to love the winter here!

Danielle Miller
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    Snowmobiling brings people from all over to Northern Maine every year to ride on the infamously smooth trails. The trails are like two lane highways in most areas with wilderness, wildlife, and amazing scenery to see if you are not going too fast. I blame all the people who bought new snowmobiles this year for our lack of snow. For trail maps and conditions visit the MSA website.

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    Ice Fishing

    If the anticipation of waiting for that orange flag doesn't kill you, the whipping winds and frostbite might. But that's the fun of ice fishing! Winter eliminates the need for a boat so that's a plus! Most Mainers care more about their fancy ice shacks than actually catching the big one. Of course catching the big one only really matters in the big fishing derby!

  • Danielle Miller

    Skiing/ Snowboarding

    Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, speed skiing, alpine skiing, need I say more!? Buy a season pass to a local ski mountain and never be board again! Many of these ski areas have fun events and competitions throughout the year as well. Some of these mountains also have snow tubing areas! Here are the ski areas in Maine.

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    Admit it, you are never to old to go sledding! The greater Bangor area has some great sledding spots like the notorious Essex Street hill and behind the Brewer Auditorium. Like mentioned before, Hermon Mountain has to be the best sledding option because you don't have to walk all the way back up the hill!

  • Danielle Miller


    After the winter we had last year some had replaced their regular footwear for snowshoes 24/7. Although snowshoeing is basically taking a walk in clown shoes, there is something oddly satisfying about walking on top of snow. I feel as light as a feather!