Three people are facing drug charges after police seized around $200,000 in illegal marijuana from their property.

Where Was the Raid?

Once again this month, Maine law enforcement officials have shut down a large illegal marijuana grow operation. Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster says the drug bust was the result of a year-long investigation into illegal cannabis being grown in the area. According to the Morning Sentinel, Lancaster announced the arrests of three people Wednesday at the county commissioner's meeting and referred to a problem with illegal marijuana in Somerset County. He said this was a first step toward shutting down illegal grows in the area.

Who Was Arrested?

Members of law enforcement conducted a search of a home on West Ridge Road in Cornville that resulted in a significant seizure of illegal drugs. Officials say 750 growing marijuana plants were recovered by police, along with 90 pounds of processed marijuana buds. The street value of the drugs is approximately $200,000.

The three people taken into custody are:

  • Huansheng Mai, 75.
  • Yuling Mei, 63.
  • Yiming Hu, 68.

All three are charged with illegal cultivation of marijuana and unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs with more than 500 plants.

Is This Operation Connected to Other Large Marijuana Seizures This Month?

This is one of several illegal grow operations that has been shut down in recent weeks. Five people were arrested at two residences in Kennebec County earlier this month. Officials have not commented on whether the Cornville operation is connected to the others in China and Belgrade.

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