Lazy? Privileged? Lousy driver? Whatever the reason, some of these parking jobs are super bad.

For some reason, it's infuriating to see someone who just can't get that car or truck between the lines. There are actual Facebook pages dedicated to just calling out bad parking. One is Parking Turtles. It's very funny. and started by a Mainer who took his frustration one step further. He set out to help bad parkers with a little note on their window.

ParkingTurtles Facebook
ParkingTurtles Facebook

You are encouraged to print this page and distribute it as you see fit. And it appears that bad parking is throughout Maine. Any place you have a car, truck, or anything that needs parking - you're gonna get bad parkers.

Now, for a lot of these line crossers, the defenders come out. Maybe they are parking based on the person who parked before them. It's true. I've parked cockeyed before because the OTHER guy parked badly. But then left before me and I look like the tool. I understand that - but it can't excuse the absolute epidemic of bad parking. So please enjoy the frustration. And by all means, these 25 are a drop in the bucket. If you've got a bad parking picture you'd like to share, I might have to do a follow-up article.

Super Bad Parking in Maine

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