While there are many jobs in Maine that are looking to have a fast rate of growth here in the Pine Tree State, there are many jobs whose forecast is looking bleak - including mine.

Maine Workforce Outlook

We took a look at the State of Maine's Center for Workforce Research and Information website, which offers great insight into Maine's current occupations and industries. This website has tools for you to see what the outlook for employment will be in the years to come and which occupations are looking to expand in the future or, in this case, a decline in the years to come.

Reasoning why these occupations have a forecasted rapid job loss in the future

Most of the jobs on the list of the 25 fastest rates of job loss are positions that require a high school diploma or equivalent. The jobs on the list include secretary jobs and hands-on labor positions.

Some of the positions are dangerous and maybe on the decline because machines are capable of doing the work and have the ability to not expose workers to dangerous work hazards like inhaling bad chemicals or the danger of working with heavy equipment. Other jobs may have been useful twenty years ago but with the change of technology and work procedures may be eliminated due to advancements.

25 Maine jobs that are predicted to have the fastest rate of job loss in the years to come

If you are looking for a new career here in the State of Maine you may really want to weigh your options if you are looking for a future in the following occupations.

25 Occupations with the Fastest Projected Rate of Job Loss In Maine

If you are looking for a job with a growing future here in the State of Maine, you might not want to pick from this list. Information from the Center for Workforce Research and Information from the State of Maine projects these 25 occupations to be the ones with the fastest rate of job loss by 2028.

If you are looking for a job in Maine that can bring in the dollar bills, these might be the ones to look into.

25 of Maine's Highest Paying Jobs

Here is a list of the highest paying jobs in the State of Maine, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from information released May 2020. Many of the professions on the list include medical professions, financial professions and technology professions.

25 Maine Businesses With the Most Employees

Here is information gathered from Zippia.com that lists the top employers in Maine that are based out of Maine. See what the top businesses are, where they are based, and how many employees they have.

25 of Maine's Best Public High Schools Ranked

Is your nearby high school on the list? Here are 25 of Maine's best high schools based on niche.com's analytics of reviews and data collected from the U.S. Department of Education. Ratings of the schools were based on various data such as graduation rates, test scores, and more. Check to see if your local schools are on the list.

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