Trust me, I’m not a paranoid person. I don’t worry about too much.  I remember a Professor at Wayne State University saying to me many many years ago, there’s nothing positive in worrying. It’s a negative that only makes things worse.  Made sense then.  Makes sense now.  Of course this is 2020 so it is a different world. So point made I’m not overthinking this pandemic.  The odds of me, or you, getting Covid-19 are slim, especially if you’re relatively smart about it. You know the drill.  Social distancing, masks around people, no big crowds of people. Follow those guidelines and you’re probably good to go. Not guaranteed of course, we all know people who’ve been affected by corona virus.

With that said, there’s lots of indications that we might be putting the worst behind us. So I have to ask, are you hoping it doesn’t end too soon.  Meaning are you going to miss anything about quarantine. Lots have turned to positive things during the lock down, and enjoyed spending so much more time with their kids, most of the time. Or doing more things with just your immediate family that in all likelihood changes once things progress further.  Everyone goes back to routines, and lots of times that means less time spent with family.

Regrets I’ve had a few, but I don’t think I’ll miss much about this year. Let’s hope 2021, or before that gives us cause to celebrate.

And while we’re at it, why don’t we start using 2020 as a swear word. As in, what a load of 2020! What the 2020! You with me? Abso 2020 lutely.

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