The 2018 Egg Ride for the Pine Tree Camp was a great -- and, of course, cold and eggy -- time.

The Q crew and a bunch of great folks supporting the Pine Tree Camp turned out to ride some sleds -- and raise some money -- for this incredible camp for kids with disabilities in Rome, Maine.

"I couldn’t have possibly had a better experience for my first egg ride! Between the volunteers in Levant and Newport, and all the help from the Maine Game Wardens and Newport PD, it really shows the incredible community support for the Pine Tree Camp," said our new afternoon host Jason Stewart. "It really felt like all hands were on deck, and it was so awesome to play a small part in such an inspiring event."

"I can't say thank you enough. To everyone who found it in their heart to give a dollar or a thousand dollars. Every time I meet a camper it just solidifies my great admiration for Pine Tree Camp. Tristen Bouchard, a 16 year old camper, joined our table at lunch and he and I instantly bonded. Meet one camper, and you're in," said morning show co-host Scott Miller. "Thank you to all who work so tirelessly all year so we can have such a great time riding in the Q106.5 Egg Ride. One other thing about the ride 'Sorry about the nose bleed.' Call me a heavy breather, but my face shield was fogging up, so I kept lifting it and I guess the cold air and my sinuses don't mix, hence a blood mustache at the end of the ride."

I've taken part in more than 25 Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Rides," said Q-106.5 Morning Show co-host Cindy Campbell, "and it's always so special. The ride itself is fun, but the real joy is meeting the campers and hearing their stories of summers in Rome. I had the chance to go to camp a few years ago, and saw for myself what a magical place it is. Kids who face challenges on a daily basis spend a week laughing, swimming, and having fun in a safe and beautiful environment. I'm thrilled to be able to help more kids go to camp, year after year. Those smiles make wearing a few yucky eggs totally worth it."

This year's event raised more than $18,000 for the Pine Tree Camp. If you don't know about the camp's rich history and inspiring mission, please take a look.

While the egg ride is over this year, there'a always a way to donate to the Pine Tree Camp.

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