A Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputy was attacked by two dogs as they tried to take the animals' owners into custody.

Why Were Deputies at the Home?

It was just after 9:00 Thursday morning when members of the Sheriff's Office responded to 879 Pequawket Trail in Baldwin to assist the department's Civic Division, as they attempted to serve papers on the couple who live there. Deputies learned that the two residents had warrants for their arrest based on unrelated criminal proceedings.

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The Deputies made contact with the couple but, as they attempted to take the pair into custody, two dogs were released from the house. The dogs charged and attacked one of the Patrol Deputies. When one of the dogs wouldn't release their bite, the Deputy shot the dog once with their service weapon. While the first dog was attacking the Deputy, the second dog began to attack and was also shot. Both dogs were transported from the scene to a veterinarian. Officials have not commented on how badly the dogs were hurt.

Who Was Arrested?

At this point, the two residents were taken into custody:

  • Cory-JoBellow, 40, of Baldwin was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with assault and violating conditions of release. He was booked at the Cumberland County Jail and issued $350 cash bail.
  • Samantha Bello, 37, of Baldwin was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Massachusetts. She was charged as a fugitive from justice and booked without bail, pending extradition to Massachusetts.

The Deputy was evaluated at the scene for dog bites and was later treated and released from Maine Medical Center.

What is a Dog Owner Legally Responsible For?

In a post on the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page, officials say the following about dog owners:

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to maintain control of the animal at all times, as well as ensure that all vaccinations are up-to-date and documented appropriately.

Anyone who has questions about the requirements for dogs in their community should reach out to their local animal control officer.

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