Are you just throwing away these things? Not trashing some of these things can actually get you cash back!

Matt Cardy, Getty Images
Matt Cardy, Getty Images

We understand not every town in Maine has curb side recycling pick up or a transfer station nearby. But even if it is not easy, you should always recycle these things in Maine! Maine has one of the most beautiful environments in the country, and recycling can keep it that way.

Here's what you can and should recycle in Maine according to



  • David Becker, Getty Images
    David Becker, Getty Images


    All batteries from hearing aid button batteries to car batteries can be recycled, and should be! If you don't recycle them they end up in landfills and corrde with moisture, the corroding heavy metals can seep into water supplies and the soil. If batteries are burned with regular trash it can cause air pollution as well. Bonus: If you take your dead car battery back to the place you got it, most will give you cash for the battery or replace it for free. See where to recycle batteries here.

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Bottles and Cans

    These are one of the most common recycled things, but worth mentioning because every bottle or can bought in the state marked with the recycling stamp will get you 5 to 15 cents per can or bottle. Recycling cans and bottles keeps them out of landfills where they take a long time to break down, and it also keeps more resources from being used.

  • Sandra Mu, Getty Images
    Sandra Mu, Getty Images

    Carpet and Carpet Padding

    This is a harder one. While almost all types of carpet are recyclable, Maine has no carpet recycling facilities. However, you can ask local carpet retailers, furniture stores, or contractors if they will recycle the carpet. Some may require a fee to do this.

  • Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Gypsum Drywall

    Most transfer stations and landfills will take your drywall making this an easy one to do. Also while there is tons of drywall thrown away every day across the county, drywall is 100% recyclable!

  • Tim Boyle, Getty Images
    Tim Boyle, Getty Images

    Inkjet Printer Cartridges

    If you're like me, it probably seems like you are constantly going though ink and it is not cheap! Luckily some office supply stores in Maine will take used cartridges in exchange for credit towards new ones. Some companies will send you mailer's to return your old cartridges as well.

  • Spencer Platt, Getty Images
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    Medical Sharps

    These are things that should ALWAYS be recycled as they are the leading cause of workplace injuries for those working in waste collection or landfills. However, these should never be recycled with the regular curbside recycling. For more on how and where to recycle medical sharps visit

  • Scott Barbour, Getty Images
    Scott Barbour, Getty Images


    Throwing out things like prescription pills can be very dangerous to our water supply, soil composition as well as people, pets, and wildlife.

  • David McNew, Getty Images
    David McNew, Getty Images

    Motor Oil and Antifreeze

    These 2 things obviously contain some very potent and harmful chemicals that if not disposed of properly can cause serious damage to our health. Many auto shops will take used oil for free and others even take antifreeze.

  • Jeff J. Mitchell, Getty Images
    Jeff J. Mitchell, Getty Images


  • Christopher Furlong, Getty Images
    Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

    Plastic Bags

    Some places in the state have banned the use of plastic bags completely but for the majority of the state, plastic bags are something we have too much of. Instead of throwing them out, consider using them again for things like trash can liners, or picking up small waste. Also, there is now a drop off bin inside most Maine Walmarts for your used bags to be returned.

  • Andrew Burton, Getty Images
    Andrew Burton, Getty Images

    Propane Tanks

    If you have a tank that is not refillable be sure to not just toss it. Contact your local propane dealer or solid waste facility and see how to recycle your tanks.

  • Tim Boyle, Getty Images
    Tim Boyle, Getty Images

    Smoke Dectors

    Who knew federal law requires manufacturers to take back smoke detectors that contain a radioactive source! The best way to recycle your old smoke alarms is to call the manufacturer of the alarm and see what their recycling process is.

  • David Paul Morris, Getty Images
    David Paul Morris, Getty Images

    Styrofoam and Packing Peanuts

    Styrofoam is one of those things that can be recycled over and over again and some places are asking for you to recycle to them. In other words, some people really want your trash. See where to drop Styrofoam here.

  • Sean Gallup, Getty Images
    Sean Gallup, Getty Images


    Most solid waste places will take tires for free! Some do charge a fee, but it is way better than abandoning them or burning them!

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