Did you know one Sesame Street Muppet is from a fictional town in Maine!?

When you watched Sesame Street you were probably a little younger and maybe not as observant as an adult. So you may have missed these mentions of Maine! We looked at Muppet movies, Sesame Street episodes of the past and more to find 10 times Maine was mentioned by a Muppet!

1. Do you remember cast member Andrea Martin who often played characters like 'The Word Fairy' on Sesame Street? She is actually from Portland!

2. The the Muppet movie, 'The Muppets take Manhattan' Fozzie Bear hibernates in Maine!

3. In Muppet book 'A My Name is Annabel', two Twiddlebugs take the trail to 'Tizzleberry, Maine'.

4. On May 3rd 1980 Big Bird appeared in Portland with the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

5. Have you ever noticed the Vacation Fozzie Action Figure has a Maine sticker on his suitcase!

6. Do you remember time The Count visited Bangor's 'The Nite Show with Danny Cashman'!?

7. Snooty know-it-all Fenwick La Touche was featured in a game show short on Sesame Street called 'What's Prairie's Problem' in 1988. He was from a fictional town called 'Moose Patrol, Maine'.

8. Baby Fozzie tries to catch lobster in Maine in the 'Muppet Babies Coloring Book 'Muppet Babies Visit all 50 States'

9. Episode 2125 of Sesame Street shows the process of mailing at letter when a girl in the city sends a letter to her grandfather in Harmony, Maine.

10. The Sesame Street short below from 1991 features Mary McDonald, a Map Maker from James W. Sewall Co. in Old Town, Maine.

Did you remember these? Did we miss anything else?! Let us know in the comments bellow.

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