We look forward to seeing you at Saturday's Lonestar concert in Springfield, but there are a few things you'll want to know before you get there.

It feels like such a long time since I went to a concert in Springfield, I'm excited to be back at it. Saturday, Lonestar will be on the beautiful wooden stage, with Maine artist Adam Curtis opening the show. It promises to be a fun time with some great music at the historic Springfield Fairgrounds. I've hosted a lot of shows in Springfield, including Emerson Drive, Blackberry Smoke, Chely Wright, and many others.

There are still tickets available and you can get them online or at one of several area businesses. See the Springfield Fair website for a list of all the ticket vendors and prices.

In order to make sure you have a successful experience, I've put together a few pointers to help you prepare before getting to the venue.

1. Bring a Chair

Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media Bangor
Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media Bangor

There is a small grandstand, where you can sit if you're lucky enough to grab a seat before they're full. But, I warn you, it fills up fast. Between the grandstand and the stage is a dirt track, where you can set up your favorite folding chair. So even if your intention is to sit in the grandstand, throw some chairs in the trunk...just in case. And if you think you'll spend the whole concert standing, it's still a good idea to bring the chairs.

2. Fair-style Concessions Will Be Open

Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza
wildpixel, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

You'll be able to buy some food at the concert from fair-style concessions. I'm not sure exactly what will be there, so it's a good idea to bring some cash. They'll probably take cards, but I can't guarantee that. Personally, I'm hoping the pizza place is going to be open because they make a tasty pie. Remember, the Springfield Fair is not until September 2nd and 3rd, so don't expect rides and games. But there will definitely be food.

3. Free Camping

Dome tent
teptong, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

The camping is only open to people with a Lonestar ticket. Organizers recognize that this is a remote location and you may be drinking some adult beverages, so they encourage you to camp out for the night instead of driving home. This is not a campground, but will be 'field camping.' There are no hookups for electricity, sewer, or water. People who are camping will have access to the field after noon on Saturday and will be expected to leave their clean campsite by noon the next day. If you want to reserve a campsite, call 207-738-4134 or make your reservations online.

3. Coolers Will Not Be Allowed

PCH-Vector, ThinkStock
PCH-Vector, ThinkStock

It's an outdoor show, so I'm sure it crossed your mind to pack a cooler with your favorite beverages, but that's not going to work. While you, obviously, can bring coolers to your campsite, they will not be allowed onto the concert grounds.

4. Leave the Animals at Home

No Dogs Allowed
amanalang, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

No animals will be allowed on the fairground, so leave your pets at home. If you're thinking of bringing your dog and letting him/her chill out at the campsite during the concert...think again. No pets will be allowed. Period.

5. Bring Your I.D. and Leave Your Own Alcohol Behind

Flat woman driver license, id card vector illustration
4zevar, ThinkStock

Before you try to sneak a little bottle of something onto the fairgrounds, I'll tell you it won't work. Organizers say bags will be checked on the way to the site. There will be cold beer for sale in a beer tent, and your identification will be requested. So bring your identification and some money, if you plan to drink.

6. Visibly Intoxicated When You Arrive? Not Going to Work

drunk girl with a bottle of wine on a yellow background
badahos, ThinkStock

Fair organizers will not admit anyone who is visibly intoxicated. Period.

7. No Re-entry

Stop sign with hand
Alikaj2582, ThinkStock

They're not going to let you leave and then come back in again, so make sure you have everything you need before you walk through the gate. Grab your chair, some sunscreen, sunglasses, your wallet, phone, and maybe a jacket, in case it turns off a little chilly later.

8. You May Have to Pay for Parking

SIphotography, Getty Stock/ThinkStock
SIphotography, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

There will be free parking available in a field adjacent to the fairgrounds for no charge. If you want to park on the fairgrounds (which means you walk a little less) then it's going to cost $5 per car and $2 per motorcycle. There will be handicap parking available, as well.

9. Parking and Camping At Your Own Risk

Woman Phoning For Help After Car Windshield Has Broken
Daisy-Daisy, ThinkStock

This is a public place, so you'll want to secure as much as you can before heading to the concert. Put any campsite valuables in your car and keep it locked. Parking and camping at the fairgrounds is 'at your own risk.'

10. Get Ready for a Fun Time

Group of beautiful teens at summer festival
Halfpoint, ThinkStock

The music will be amazing, the beer will be ice cold, and the forecast says it's going to be a nice (although warm) night. I'll be there to introduce Lonestar, so I'll see you there.

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