From an arsenic poisoning in a small town church, to the search for a missing woman on the Appalachian trail, Maine has many stories ready to be made into Hollywood movies.

Biographical, adventure, romance, and even horror! These true stories from the pine tree state seem more like Hollywood movies than real life events. Here are the ones that really could be made into movies as big as Titanic! (Or so we think...)

  • Maine Warden Service
    Maine Warden Service

    The Search for Geraldine Largay

    Largay was a 66-year-old woman solo hiking the AT from Tennessee. She took off for one of her final legs of the hike when she went missing. After searching for more than 2 years her body was discovered not to far from the trail with a journal showing she had survived on her own for more than 20 days. Showing her story from her perspective, her husbands, and those who searched for her could be very captivating as well as an honor to the strong woman who fought to survive so long.

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    The Penobscot Expedition

    As this was the greatest navel loss for America until Pearl Harbor we think this epic battle on the Penobscot River should be remembered in a 'Pearl Harbor (2001)' type movie. Ben Affleck can play Paul Revere as this battle took place in the 1700's. The story of America's battle for Downeast Maine is epic with over 400 killed and an estimated 40 ships lost in order to retake ownership of the land from the British. We think it would make a great movie.

  • Courtesy Maine Department of Public Safety
    Courtesy Maine Department of Public Safety

    Stephen Marshall-Sex Offender Murders

    This horror flick wouldn't need any details added as the truth is already terrifying. The movie could follow 20-year-old Marshall as he borrows his dad's truck and gun in Houlton, travels to Milo and Corinth killing two registered sex offenders along the way. The movie could also show his visit to 4 other homes of registered sex offenders who were not home (thankfully) and his frustration when he found they were not there. Marshall's killing spree ended when the bus he was on was boarded by law enforcement and he turned the gun on himself.

  • Kennebec County Jail photo
    Kennebec County Jail photo

    The North Pond Hermit

    This story has everything it needs to be a great movie. A town terrorized by an unknown thief in the night for over 25 years by a man whose family assumed dead after no human contact since 1986. The Hermit, Christopher Knight, entered the woods when he was just 20 years old and survived in a very camouflaged and remote campsite while learning how to cook without electricity, stay undetected, and stay warm without fire in the winter. He was caught in 2013 and has since undergone mental evaluations, served jail time, paid fines for damage done, and is now a working member of society. Rumor has it there actually is a movie in the works on this one.

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    Small Town Church Poisoning

    A small town on the most north eastern corner of the state was shook when a sudden illness struck at a church! In April of 2003  16 worshipers at Gustaf Adolph Lutheran Church. One died and at least 3 were left in critical condition. The culprit was soon found to be a pot of coffee laced with arsenic. But who would poison a church!? The mystery would be perfect to unravel in a movie, all leading to the suicide of the suspected culprit.

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    Getty Images

    The Elephant Lost in the Woods

    How about the time Charlie the circus elephant got loose in the town of Bucksport for 2 weeks! Charlie got loose on the main street of Bucksport  in 1892 and was unable to be stopped as he crashed off into the surrounding woods. The large but scared creature was cornered eventually by a small pit bull who distracted the animal long enough for his owner to capture Charlie. This might even make a good animated movie!

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    Samantha Smith's Short Story

    Unfortunately like so many great stories they are far too short, as is the case with Manchester, Maine's Samantha Smith. In 1982 this little girl was the most famous girl her age in the world! All because she was brave enough to pen a letter to a Soviet leader asking if her was going to start a war or not! The letter was published across the world and the little girl soon traveled to Moscow, where her journey was broadcast in America. In 3 short years Smith became an activist and actress, and she was heavily mourned when she was killed in a plane crash in Lewiston when she was just 13. Talks about a movie about her have happened a few times but nothing has followed through yet.

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    Charlie Howard

    This sure would be a sad movie, but it would also make it so a young man who lost his life in Bangor was never forgotten. Charlie was an openly gay young man in 1984 who, despite constant taunting, and bullying, was usually in good spirits. One night when walking in downtown Bangor with a friend Charlie was attacked by local high school boys who teased and roughed him up until throwing Charlie into the Kenduskeag Stream over the bridge railing. His body was found shortly after with obvious signs of an asthma attack and drowning. Poems, books, and even a song have been created to honor Charlie's story but unlike the similar story of Matthew Shepard from Wyoming, there have been no movies about Charlie and we think his story should be told to the masses.

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    Lost on a Mountain in Maine

    This story we are shocked has not been been made into a movie as it is such a beloved book. The story of a young boy lost in the Maine wilderness for almost a week while searchers follow his tracks, is a Maine favorite. A private film group has been working with the main character of the book, Donn Fendler, to make a movie version of his journey as seen in the trailer here. But we want to see the project get some more funding and become a much bigger movie. Unfortunately, Fendler recently passed away and will never get to see his journey on the big screen, but then again, he lived it.

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    The Lady in White of Brownville Road

    This story may be true, it's probably just a ghost story, but it is one of the most well know in Maine. This would make a good horror film. A creepy old bridge, the tale of a woman in white looking for her lost love. The story takes place on Rt-11 in Millinocket just before the green bridge. The story says in the 30's or 40's a couple on their honeymoon either broke down or had an accident here. When the man left to get help his bride stayed behind, and was never seen again. That is, until her ghost has been repeatedly seen here! Sounds like the makings of a horror movie to us!

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