Hancock County officials say one person is dead and another was injured in a crash in the town of Sullivan.

Have Officials Released the Name of the Deceased?

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office has identified the deceased as Dakota Zablotny, 26, of Steuben, who died at the scene.

What Happened?

It was around 4:30 on Saturday afternoon on Route 1 in Sullivan, near the intersection with Falls Point Road, when the two cars collided. Officials say Zablotney was reportedly speeding prior to the crash and had been passing vehicles when he apparently lost control of his vehicle. WABI-TV reports Zablotny's vehicle crashed into a car coming in the opposite direction, being driven by Ryan Gordon, 41, of Hancock.

How Badly Was the Other Driver Hurt?

Gordon was transported by LifeFlight to a local hospital with serious leg injuries. No one else was hurt in the crash, which remains under investigation.

Part of Route 1 was closed for several hours following the crash.

We'll update this story when more details become available. 

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