Motorists caught off guard by the conditions sustain injuries, as does the State Police Trooper sent to help.

State Police Trooper Jill Monahan was responding last night to the report of a car off the road in the Northbound lane of I95 in Smyrna.

As Trooper Monahan was talking with 19 year old Jayde McNich of Littleton, who was still sitting in her car after it had gone off the road because of black ice conditions, a pick up truck driven by 37 year old Eric Clark of Houlton lost control on the lack ice and skidded out of control into the rear of McNich's car.

The impact of the crash caused McNich's car to spin, striking Trooper Monahan as she tried to get out of the way. McNich was partially ejected from her vehicle. Both were treated and later released.

As the weather turns colder, motorists in Maine are reminded that it's necessary to slow down to allow for slick road conditions.