Let me start by saying that all the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. I don't often rant about things I read in the press, but I just can't believe this one. So here's what got to me. It has to do with choosing to feature Corey Monteith over Larry Hagman in the "In Memoriam" section of the Emmy Awards show.

Each year, the Emmy's choose five members of the Hollywood scene to feature during the "In Memoriam" segment of the show. And according to Yahoo!, this year they've decided to feature James Gandolfini, Jean Stapleton, Jonathan Winters, writer-producer Larry David Goldberg, and "Glee" star Corey Monteith. Other celebrities who also passed in the last year include Larry Hagman, Andy Griffith (who was featured last year), or Dennis Farina.

My question is, how could they pick a young star who was just getting started and who died of a drug overdose over a man whose roles became iconic for their time? No offense to Mr. Monteith. I enjoyed watching him on "Glee" and I'm saddened to see any life end at such a young age.

But let's talk for a minute about Larry Hagman. I came to know his work as "Major Tony Nelson" opposite Barbara Eden on "I Dream of Jeannie." He played the somewhat naive, easy-to-blush Major to perfection! Girls everywhere wanted to grow up and meet their own Major Nelson!

When we all heard that Larry Hagman was going to play the power-hungry, ruthless, evil J.R. Ewing, many of us wondered how that sweet guy who played Jeannie's master could pull it off. But wow, did he! J.R. Ewing is one of the best, most convincing villains of the small screen.

And let's not forget "Who Shot J.R.?" That summer, it was the phrase on everyone's lips. It was printed on t-shirts and hats. Vegas bookies were taking bets on the outcome! And once the "Who Done It?" episode aired, more people watched it than voted in the presidential election!

So, I would ask the Emmy officials, how can you justify choosing Corey Monteith over Larry Hagman? I understand, as someone who works in marketing everyday, that you're probably aiming to please the younger demographic. Trying to attract the younger viewers who may be losing interest in movie awards shows. But for myself, I have to say that I think you're doing a television legend a great disservice.

But hey, that's just my opinion! So I'm asking for yours. What do you think? Should the Emmy Awards honor Corey Monteith or Larry Hagman, as one of their five featured celebrities? I'm really interested to hear your opinion!