Every Sunday, Townsquare Media airs a public service program called Maine Concerns. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should! We cover everything from local charitable organizations and their events, to health tips, and more.

This week, Susan Patten will talk with Commissioner of Public Safety John Morris about a special task force that will review Maine's Natural Resources Law Enforcement agencies. Morris chairs the task force that was formed by Governor Paul LePage in May to look at the agencies, including Maine Warden's Service and Maine's Forest Rangers. At issue is whether to combine the agencies into one large all-encompassing agency.

And in our second segment, Cindy Campbell talks with State Epidemiologist Dr. Stephen Sears about rabies. The deadly disease has been in the news this week after a rabid fox attacked several people in South Portland. Dr. Sears will talk about the disease, prevention, and treatment.

To hear more about both of these topics, tune in this Sunday morning for “Maine Concerns,” brought to you by the Townsquare Media News Team.