Attention fans of 'That ''70's Show!' Kelso and Jackie are getting married! Only this time, it's not the characters on the hit TV series. It's actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis! Fantasy meets reality!

Yahoo! reports that Kutcher and Kunis have been seeing each other for quite some time but have been keeping it quiet. Apparently they now feel that enough time has passed since Kutcher's divorce from actress Demi Moore to announce, not only the relationship, but also the engagement!

The two met on the set of the hit TV series 'That '70's Show' when Ashton was 20 and Mila was only 15. Apparently, when the pair's onscreen relationship heated up enough for a kiss, it was Mila's first!

I love the show and watch it often on Netflix. And I have to say, something just feels 'right' about Jackie and Kelso tying the knot. Do you suppose Red will give the bride away? Donna will be the maid of honor? And, of course, Fez will be hiding in the closet on the wedding night!