Maine is experiencing extreme cold right now, with wind chills dropping to 45 below zero at times. So it's very important to pay special attention to your pets and keep them safe from exposure. I have a few quick tips!

First of all, keep your pets inside as much as possible. Dogs should only be let out to relieve themselves and cats should be kept inside.

Remove any caked ice, snow, or salt from your pet's coat and paws immediately.

If you're taking your dog for a walk, coat their paws with Vaseline to help protect against salt and other chemicals on the roads. Wipe off the Vaseline as soon as you get home.

Make sure your pet's bed is not on the floor in a drafty part of the house.

Pets tend to get less exercise when it's so cold outside, so you may want to modify their dinner portions. Less food is required if they're staying inside a lot.

Indoor exercise playgroups or play dates with friends' dogs may be a great way to keep your pet fit during winter months.

If your pet has to be outside for any period of time, make sure they have shelter to get out of the elements and that their water is not frozen. But really, in this kind of cold, pets should be kept inside as much as possible. Just imagine if you were dependent on someone else like they are. Would YOU want to be locked outside in these temperatures for hours on end? Keep your pets safe and warm and they'll reward you with lots of snuggles to help keep YOU warm!