I've always thought it must be fun to work for Ellen Degeneres. She seems very cool and down-to-earth with, obviously, an amazing sense of humor. But a video of one of her recent shows proves that you need nerves of steel to work for her! This must be one of her favorite times of year. But maybe not-so-much for some of her employees!

Since I work during the day, I don't get to see the Ellen Show, but I like to catch up on the internet from time to time. Apparently, Ellen sends two of her employees to a haunted house each year, and lets the viewers decide where they're going to go. Kind of a fun idea unless you're the poor people who have to go through with a camera in your face. Check out the video below to see their reactions to Universal Studio's 'Walking Dead' haunted house. Awesome!

But I think, even more funny than the haunted house itself, is the show where Ellen tells staffer Amy where she's going. And then tells another staffer, Andy, that he's going too. And demonstrates just how easily Andy gets jumped. Watch the video above. It's hilarious! Reminds me of a former coworker who was very easy to startle. And very FUN to startle! Happy Halloween!