Watching horror movies is fun! But how about learning about actual ghosts in our area? That's a GREAT way to celebrate Halloween! The Bangor Museum and History Center is hosting "Ghostly Bangor Tours" this month. You'll never look at Bangor the same way again!

The walking tour features ghost stories of actual Bangor residents. And some of the deceased will show up on the tour to tell their own stories! Okay, so they're people portraying the still sounds creepy!

The tours are held every Thursday and Saturday in October at 7pm. They're $10 for non-members of the historical society, and $8 for members. Children under 12 are only $5. Wear some good walking shoes, dress for the weather, and be prepared to have your eyes opened to the supernatural side of Bangor! For more information, log onto the Bangor Museum and History Center's website. And have fun!