God bless Bill Engvall. He is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. A real everyman. Great self-deprecating sense of humor. Great laugh. NOT a great dancer! So it's amazing (even to Bill) that he lasted the full season of 'Dancing With the Stars.' In this clip, Bill dances disco, which includes some of the lifts he's avoided all season. And he also talks about how he was sure, weeks ago, that he was going home.

Like a lot of little girls, I once thought I'd love to be a professional dancer. It just looks like so much fun! But this show has done a wonderful job of detailing just how much work goes into that beautiful and stylish three minute routine. So it impresses me when anyone decides to take up the challenge of being part of the cast. But even more so when it's someone closer to (or older than) my own age!

Bill gave it his all throughout the season and yet still seemed to miss the mark of really great dancing. He's a comedian, not a musician, so his sense of rhythm is sometimes non-existent! And he's a comedian so he's often mugging for the camera instead of giving the dramatic, serious looks implied by the dance.

(Spoiler alert!) If you haven't heard, Bill did NOT win this season's 'Dancing With the Stars.' But he certainly won the respect of a lot of people for his endurance, his humanity, and his every-man sense of humor. Nice job, Bill!