For over eight years, I taught broadcast journalism at the collegiate level and continuously heard colleagues questioning whether or not educators were teaching students critical thinking skills.

One university clearing teaching critical thinking, and other valuable skills such as listening, observation, and team work, is Ohio State University, and it's through its music program.

If you don't believe me, all you have to do is watch this video!

You've probably seen the Ohio State Marching Band before, but this is another amazing testimony to the precision and attention to detail that's necessary to pull off marching band formations.

I have long been a strong advocate for robust music programs, particularly at the middle and high school levels, having started the non-profit organization, The Gifts of Music, here in Maine.

It's my belief music education is one subject matter that truly demands dedication, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence, from an academic and personal achievement standpoint.

Imagine what this video would have looked like if these music students were individually performing to an "average" level that would otherwise earn them an academic grade of C.