Yeah, the weather stinks right now but you have a chance to shake off the effects of cabin fever and come swing with us, while supporting music education.

Thursday night, the Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden will come to life with the sounds of live music and all the proceeds from the event will help the school build a sound-proof room for music students in the school.

While you might be thinking to yourself, why doesn't the school just pay to have that done, the reality is there's no money to do so, and the music program at Reeds Brook struggles, as do so many others throughout the state.

Reeds Brook Middle School Band Director Becky Mallory says they do have a music room but there's no other place for students to practice when the music room is in use and students who participate in their Music Technology class need a sound proof environment in which to record.

Mallory says parents are ready to volunteer the labor needed to make the renovations to the room, which is essentially a closet they've been able to claim for the addition.

The school is hosting a Jazz Social Thursday evening from 7-9pm at the Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden.

The evening will feature the live music of the Brian Nadeau Big Band and a silent auction as well.

Mallory says music education is so important for young people and it's a gift that travels with them for life.

"Most successful people in many different types of jobs all have a musical background and many still enjoy it," states Mallory. "These kids are learning how to work as a team and cooperate, yet they're self-driven and immediately understand that effort equals ability so if you put some in, you get a lot of reward out, and it does play right in to every other subject in school usually."

Full disclosure time here too.

I sing with the Brian Nadeau Big Band and we'd love to have you come swing with us Thursday night as we support this effort. Brian, and all the band members, who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, are ardent supporters of music education in our schools.

Another featured vocalist for the evening is Abby Hannington, a finalist in last year's Townsquare Media Talent Showcase.