Another Devilish Story Emerges
Most reasonable people are naturally a bit skeptical when they hear a story about some demonic possession or infestation.
That's one reason why this man has come forward with his story, because he now believes in the classic struggle between God and the Devil after experiencing unpleasant and do…
Do You Believe? [POLL]
I've always been a fan of stories involving ghosts and other unusual occurrences and I have experienced some unexplained phenomenon in a home I once lived in as a child in Belfast.
Home-Made is Always Best [Video]
I remember when I was little, my Mom always told me that the best Christmas present I could possibly give her, was something homemade.
At first, I thought she was simply trying to appease my frustration because of a lack of cash, or ability at that age to go out and participate in the hustle and bust…
‘Evil Did Not Win’ at Sandy Hook Elementary School
As we approach the one year anniversary, December 14th 2012, of the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, one parent has turned the pain into good. Watch just how Robbie & Alissa Parker have dealt with the pain of losing their daughter, 6 year old Emilie Parker, and are…
Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Unless living under a rock, as they say, you're more than likely aware of the escalating tensions in the Middle East.
You're probably also aware of the recent terror threats from Al-Qaeda which have prompted the shutdown of numerous embassies in Muslim countries and prompted travel warnings for Ameri…
Bible Mini-Series an Answered Prayer for Millions
When it comes to movies made about the bible, there are very few that are considered well done. Production and acting values for most all the Christ-centered flicks rate in the 'B' movie range, with the exception of the 2004 'Passion of the Christ' movie--it was a solid blockbust…

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