It's been almost two years since toddler, Ayla Reynolds, disappeared from her home in Waterville, Maine. Since then there has been many search efforts, countless news reports, disturbing evidence made known to the public, and yet hope remains that little Ayla be found alive. As a parent and grandparent, my heart aches for Ayla's mom and family as days continue to come and go with no Ayla. But, we still have hope.

According to the website, an awareness event is scheduled for September 23, 2013. For seven days we are asked to show support by leaving our porch light on, 'Lighting the Way Home for Ayla.' It's a small gesture of love and support for a little girl that has captured the hearts of Mainers and others worldwide. We hope you'll consider participating. And please share this post with as many people as possible.

For more information please visit:

And if you have any information that you feel will help with Ayla Reynolds' case, please contact the Maine State Police at 624-7076.