With news that a Portland developer plans on building that city's tallest building, we decided to take a look at the tallest buildings right here in good old Bangor.

With some assistance from the very helpful David Gould of the Bangor's Planning Department, we have our answers!

It turns out the tallest building in Bangor is the seven-story FairPoint building at 59 Park Street, just across from Bangor City Hall. The FairPoint building, which was previously home to the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company building and Verizon, was built in 1930. It comes in 117-feet high.

Now there were some that were close. Both the new tower at Eastern Maine Medical Center on State Street and the Camden National Bank office building at 80 Exchange Street come in at between 106-feet and 108-feet high.

All of those are obviously smaller than the state's tallest building, which is currently Franklin Towers in Portland, at 175-feet high.

Now, Portland developer Tim Soley wants to build a building more than 250-feet high. That's more than twice the height of the FairPoint building! Maybe it's time for someone to build an even taller building right here in Bangor.